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Our Collections

Bonbon plate.jpg

A work of art created by our team of artisan chocolatiers. Each bonbon is done with shiny vibrant color and filled with smooth and mouth-watering ganache that has a flavor that matches its themed color.

Golden hazelnut.JPG

An all-time favorite. Once you start eating you won't be able to stop. Our Golden Hazelnut and Chocolate Coffee Bean are popular all year round! 


A classic loved by chocolate enthusiasts. The collection consists of 16 flavors that combine both popular international flavors as well as regional flavors inspired by local delicacies. 


3 trees low position_edited.jpg

Round shaped, tree-shaped, any shape. Made with Signature Dark 70% and topped with the freshest ingredients.


Chocolate Squares are made with our Signature Dark 70% Chocolate or Organic Fair Trade Milk 39% Chocolate, the highest quality chocolate you can possibly find.

Hot Chocolate

Super rich and smooth. VERO's hot chocolate has built a name for itself. Simply irresistable!

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