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Bespoke Gifting

Understanding Customers' Needs


Our most prestigious customers set high quality and exemplary standards and continue to seek new, innovative, and top-of-the-line services for their clientele.

When they look for high-quality chocolate gift, it needs to reflect their belief in and insistence on excellence while providing innovative options.

At VERO, we are always striving to provide the highest quality chocolate with endless tailor-made options to exceed our customers' expectations.

Squares Logos

Enrobed Chocolate with Customised Logo


Customised 3D Chocolate Bar

Bespoke Bars.jpg

Customised Shape Chocolate

3D Shape Bespoke.jpg

Bespoke Gift Box 

Bespoke Gift Box.jpg

Lollipop with Customised Logo

lollipop (2).jpg

Customised 3D Chocolate Disc & Squares

Custom 3d.jpeg

Chocolate Square with Customised Logo 


Bespoke Mooncake

Mooncake Bespoke.jpg

3D Logo Chocolate Bonbon


Dragees in a Custom Box

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